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with the Mouk and learning their language. Mark then spent 3 months taking the whole village through God’s redemptive                    Thinking Outside the Box - The HOPE in a Box
        story chronologically, beginning with creation and arriving finally at the resurrection of Jesus. Along the way, Mark worked
        with a Mouk man to translate certain Bible verses that were key to the story. By the time Mark gave the Mouk an opportunity to
        respond to Jesus - at the end of the 3-month journey - their hearts and minds were like a tinder box. Spiritual awakening broke   One of the most basic ways to increase work-flow is to identify and remove the constraints that are causing “bottle necks.”
        out with dancing and celebration as the people shouted, EE-TAOW! (It is true!) At that very moment a Church of worshipers   Two of the biggest constraints to creating new translations of The HOPE are that the process
        was born among the Mouk people!                                                                                        requires 1) someone who understands the best practices of translation, back-translation and
                                                                                                                               the resolution of theological issues in a cross cultural context, and 2) someone with the technical
        The Zooks then worked with the Mouk Church to translate the entire New Testament in only 8 years, a remarkably short time   know-how to produce quality audio and video. These roles frequently fall on Mars Hill, but our
        in the world of Bible translation! (to view this story -  team is small, thus we are often the bottle neck. For quite some time we have dreamed about
                                                                                                                               a technology solution, a software application that would automate the process and remove the
        A Few Relevant Observations for Reaching the Unreached                                                                 constraints. Until recently, such a solution was not really possible.
        •  Many Roles - One Mission - The Zooks understood the need to reach the unreached. This may have come through a Bible
          teacher who discipled them (a mobilizer). Others also saw the need, and were willing to do their part. Their Church supported   We are now investing significant time and energy into the design of a software solution that
          them with prayer and finances (senders). And of course, the Zooks were trained by the team at Ethnos360 (equippers).  would basically allow a Christian worker anywhere in the world to add narration to The HOPE
                                                                                                                               video in their language using only a mobile phone. Much like the well known Turbo Tax software,
        •  The Sufficiency of the Gospel - From the moment the Zooks stepped foot in the Mouk village they had one goal, to share the   our app would lead a person, step by step, through the best practices of translation and back-
          Gospel, and to do so in a chronological narrative form from creation through Christ. This is a typical Ethnos360 approach to   translation to arrive at a good final translation. And when that translation is ready to be recorded,
          Church planting among the unreached. It has proven to be effective time and time again!
                                                                                                                               the software would automatically determine if the quality of the recording is adequate. If not,
        •  The Role of Bible Translation - There is today a great movement to translate the Bible into every language “that needs it.”   instructions to improve the quality would be available. For oral cultures, the whole process
          However, many in this movement promote the idea that Bible translation is a necessary precursor to the completion of the   could be done without a written script using only a voice-to-voice work-flow.
          Great Commission, while agreeing it could take 15-25 years for most language groups to get significant portions of scripture.
          From the Mouk story we see that Bible translation was accelerated as a result of Church planting, not as the precursor to it.   For the time being, we are calling this software, “The HOPE in a Box.” This is not only a potential
                                                                                                                               game changer for The HOPE; it has tremendous implications for anyone who is looking for
        •  The Role of Human Development - Papua New Guinea is on the United Nations’ “Low Human Development” list. The Zooks   accurate, culturally relevant translations of audio for video. We are now working with a software
          did address physical needs as best they could; i.e. basic medical and hygiene issues. However, they did not go to the Mouk   development company and hope to roll out a beta version of this software in 2020.
          thinking they first had to lift their quality of life to earn the right to share the Gospel. Nor did their experience prove otherwise.                                                                     The App will use steps in the best
                                                                                                                               There are thousands of unreached people groups with no Bible or Bible-based materials in their   practices of Bible translation to
        The Application for Mars Hill and The HOPE                                                                             language. This software will make it possible for them to get God’s redemptive story from creation   lead users in creating a version of
        The mission of Mars Hill is to “Use Media to Draw People to Jesus Christ.” Over the years we’ve pursued this mission in different   through Christ via The HOPE in their own language, in a relatively short amount of time.   The HOPE in their own language.
        ways to address specific needs and opportunities within the Great Commission. This story brings into focus the current need
        and opportunity we believe God is calling us to address - to serve goers like the Zooks by using media and technology to              The HOPE for India - Climbing the Remaining Mountain
        facilitate and accelerate the sharing of God’s redemptive story from creation through Christ among the unreached.
        The Application for You                                                                                                With more unreached people groups than any country in the world, many in the global missions movement believe that India is
        Every Christian is called to a role in the Great Commission. If you are not called to be a goer (like the Zooks), then you are   the greatest mountain yet to climb in order to complete the Great Commission.
        called to some other role . . . perhaps that of a sender, funder, prayer, equipper or mobilizer. The role you are called to is the
        role you were created for. That is where you will discover great fulfillment in your relationship with your Heavenly Father.   In September, we filmed the storytellers for our new Hindi version of The
                                                                                                                               HOPE, the first of 10 major Indian language versions we hope to create over
        The Answer to Our Question                                                                                             the few next years. It has taken us a long time to get to this place in The
        What will it take to reach the remaining unreached people groups of our world? Very simply, it will take the Body of Christ on   HOPE for India project, but by the grace of God, we now have a very capable
        earth doing what it was called by Jesus to do over 2,000 years ago. Each of us has a mission within the greater mission!   production team of Indian nationals in place, and we’re moving forward!
                                                                                                                               For the Indian versions of The HOPE, we are planning to shoot India specific
                                            A Different Kind of Metric                                                         footage to replace the western/North American scenes in the introduction and
                                                                                                                               conclusion of the current version of The HOPE. We also intend to replace
                                                                                                                               some of the musical score with tracks that are more typical of an Indian genre.
        How do you measure the impact of a ministry? Some can point to the end recipients                                      We really want Indian viewers to feel this movie was made for them.   Our production team in India on set . . . some of the most
        of their work – i.e. people saved, fed or rescued. Mars Hill is a toolmaker. The                                       While we believe that much ministry will result directly from the use of The   talented and committed people we’ve ever known.
        people who use our tools may be in touch with the end recipient, but usually,                                          HOPE in the major languages of India, we also know that these languages are the gateway languages for hundreds of tribal
        we are not. When Cuisinart sells a crockpot, it has no way of knowing how many                                         languages in India. With the growing influence of Hindu nationalism in India, the persecution of Christians in India is increasing.
        people will be fed a meal from it. As with other toolmakers, we could measure our                                      The time to act is now. We plan to put these major languages into our “HOPE in a Box” software application so that Christian
        success in terms of numbers of units distributed. However, the metric that means                                       workers on the ground in India can quickly translate The HOPE into tribal languages. Please pray for our work in India!
        the most to us is what you might call “user buy-in.”

        When a missionary or mission organization comes to us asking for a version of The                                                               More Great Things Our God Has Done . . .
        HOPE for their language group, they are typically willing to invest their own time
        and money to help produce it. When a ministry wants to distribute thousands of   Many of those who benefit from The HOPE are in
        Micro SD cards to the underground Church in a closed access country, they are   closed access countries where ministry is security   •  Broadcast - By year end, The HOPE will have been broadcast 17 times via satelite into millions of homes in the Middle East.
        willing to fund it. When a satellite broadcast ministry wants to use their airtime to   sensitive. Conventional metrics are diifficult to collect.  •  Internet - Thus far in 2019 our main HOPE website has been visited from every country in the world ... over 500 visitors a
        broadcast The HOPE, they are willing to cover their costs. This is good user buy-in. As these kinds of opportunities continue       day. Over a dozen of our ministry partners also stream The HOPE on their sites as part of their ministry strategy.
        to be initiated by those a) who are the closest to the field of mission opportunity, and b) who are willing to do whatever it takes   •  Boots on the Ground - This year The HOPE has been used around the world in remote villages, on college campuses, in
        to acquire and utilize the tool, then we are confident it is having an impact.                                             ESL classes, with refugees, in mass Bible distribution campaigns - and by more people in more ways than we can list!

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